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       video and image based researches. I’m born and based in Napoli, Italy.
       This is my personal archive.

       At the end of this sentence, rain will begin.
At the rain's edge, a sail.

Slowly the sail will lose sight of islands;
into a mist will go the belief of harbors
of an entire race.

The ten-years war is finished.
Helen's hair, a gray cloud.
Troy, a white ashpit
by the drizzling sea.

The drizzle tightens like the strings of a harp.
A man with clouded eyes picks up the rain
and plucks the first line of the Odyssey.

Derek Walcott
        They are generally found in open sea or ocean, more rarely near a continent. They are often of volcanic nature, lying along the underwater
        rivers or hot spots, but there are many other processes that can generate this phenomenon, including erosion and deposition of sediments.


          Starring: Mohamed Ghanem
          Storyline: Martin Errichiello
          Direction, photography, editing, sound: Martin Errichiello - Gabriele Sossella
          Original soundtrack: Giovanni Filpi + V.A.
          Sound editing & postproduction: Giovanni Isgrò

Yeelen Film
Subtitles: Italian, English
18’.18 HD - Colour, B&W
Napoli, Italy 2013


        Premio Mutti per le Memorie Migranti 2013 promoted by
        Cineteca di Bologna, Archivio Memorie Migranti, Officina Cinema Sud-Est, Open Society Institute
        Best documentary - MUSA Festival 2012
        Best documentary Mediterranean Special Award - Skepto International Film Festival 2013
        Best editing - Retro Film Festival Perugia 2013
        Best short film - Mazzarelli Art Festival 2014

        41° Parallelo New York – New cinema from Naples (Italian Cultural Institute of New York)
        International FAMU Fest (Praga, CZ)
        Karama Human Rights Film Festival (Amman, Jordan)
        MedFilm Festival Roma
        Festival delle Identità 2013
        Festival CinemaZero
        Eiff Festival
        Corti and Cigarettes 2013